Your packaging needs are unique, your packaging solutions should be too.

About Holland Packaging

Holland Packaging started as a manufacturing company back in mid-2000s, offering high-speed packaging equipment and representing other packaging equipment lines. By 2020 covid had changed the world but also our business model. Holland put its focus on becoming the sole factory representative in North America for Autopack LTD. and for Novopac SRL. We offer Overlap Wrappers, Shrink Bundlers, Tray/Case Packers, Pick and Place, Side load Case Packers, Palletizing, and more. Holland provides our customers with all their secondary packaging solutions. Our clients span across many industries including Pharma, Cosmetics, Food and Beverage, Petcare, industrial, and more.

What separates us from the rest? Holland is not just a sales branch; we are a full-service company. Getting the machinery you need is only the beginning. You can expect full local support directly from us with trained service technicians and in-house parts on our shelf to keep you going. With all our resources we have over a hundred years of packaging experience and 9,000 installations worldwide and counting!

Being the sole representative for these companies gives us a competitive advantage over our competitors and can sell directly to the customer or through distributors.

Who are you?

A Copacker (Contract Packager), Private Labeling, or looking to bundle different product lines? We have few change parts and wide adaptability, that lets our customers change over from one size to the next quickly and easily. Different Pack Patterns and sizes are our bread and butter, dedicated is easier but why limit yourself.

Our Packaging Solutions include:

  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Liquid Dairy
  • Home Care
  • Personal Care
  • Pharmaceuticals

Whether your product packaging requires tray packing, case packing, perforated, bullseye, clear, or printed film, our shrink wrap bundling systems have you covered.

A few thoughts from some happy customers

“This is the first time I have been at a FAT (factory acceptance test) where the machine actually worked perfectly.”

“The tray packer is doing quite well. You folks have given us a nice machine.”

“The tray packer is the centerpiece of all of our customer tours. We are proud of your design.”

Get off the hand-packing bench and into the automation game!