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Unlocking the Magic of Shrink-Wrapping: A Brewery's Secret Weapon

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of brewery production, every element of the process plays a vital role in ensuring success. While beer enthusiasts often focus on the taste and quality of the final product, there's an unnamed hero behind the scenes that plays a crucial role in preserving that goodness - shrink-wrapping. Here, we'll explore how shrink-wrapping has become an indispensable tool in the brewery industry, revolutionizing packaging and safeguarding the integrity of your craft brews. From its purpose and materials to its application and advantages, let's delve into the world of shrink-wrapping and discover why it's a must for every brewery.


1. What is the Purpose of Shrink Wrap?

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Shrink-Wrap: Your New Must-Have Skincare Trend for Glowing Skin!

The Unconventional Savior of the Skincare Industry



The skin care industry has seen significant advancements over the years, with various products promising remarkable results. However, there's an unassuming yet potentially game-changing method that has been making waves in the skincare industry - shrink-wrapping. One innovative technique that has the potential to revolutionize the industry. In this blog, we will explore how shrink-wrap technology can bring a breath of fresh air to skincare routines, without even mentioning its direct benefits.

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The Importance of Efficient Packaging in the Ice Cream Industry



Holland’s Autopack ice cream shrink wrapping bundlers: Streamlining the packaging process for small and medium size ice cream companies

Artisanal ice cream companies have been popping up all over the country, offering unique and high-quality frozen treats to consumers. These companies are often small and focused on providing a premium product, which means that they need to pay close attention to every aspect of their business, including their packaging. That's where our ice cream shrink-wrapping bundlers come in.

Holland Packaging is leading offers of shrink-wrapping Autopack equipment, including machines designed specifically for ice cream packaging. Our ice cream shrink bundlers are designed to streamline the packaging process, ensuring that every multipack of ice cream looks consistent and appealing. And with the rise of artisanal ice cream companies, these machines are becoming increasingly popular.

As an ice cream lover, have you ever wondered why some ice cream brands taste better than others? While the quality of ingredients and production process plays a significant role, the packaging of ice cream products also plays a crucial role in maintaining the product's quality and taste. Efficient packaging is essential in the ice cream industry to ensure the product remains fresh and appealing to customers. The packaging process involves several steps, including filling, sealing, labeling, and storage. Each step is critical in ensuring that the ice cream product maintains its quality and taste.

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Maximizing Your Brand Exposure: The Benefits of Shrink Wrapping with Printed Film

In today's highly competitive business world, maximizing your brand exposure is crucial for success. One effective way to achieve this is through shrink wrapping with printed film. Not only does it protect your products during transportation and storage, but it also provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand to potential customers. Printed shrink wrap film allows you to customize your packaging with vibrant colors, logos, and graphics, creating a visually appealing product that stands out on the shelves. This form of packaging offers several benefits, including increased brand recognition, enhanced product presentation, and improved durability. In this article, we'll explore the advantages of shrink wrapping with printed film and how it can help you take your brand to the next level. So, let's dive in and discover how you can maximize your brand exposure with this innovative packaging solution.


The Benefits of Shrink Wrapping with Printed Film

Cost-effective branding solution:

One of the most significant advantages of shrink wrapping with printed film is that it is a cost-effective branding solution. Traditional packaging methods, such as boxes and bags, can be expensive and time-consuming to design and produce. Shrink wrapping, on the other hand, is relatively cheap and straightforward. The printed film can be customized to your specifications, including the size, color, and design of your choice. This customization allows you to create a unique and eye-catching product that stands out from the competition. Additionally, the cost of shrink wrapping is significantly lower than other packaging methods, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to save money on their packaging costs.

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3 Essential things to look for in a Shrink Bundle Wrapper:

Every company wants their products to be special and catch the eyes of the consumer.

There are so many choices.

The marketing geniuses at many companies are thinking:
“Let’s make a really cool shaped bottle, and if doesn’t fall over on a conveyor, all the better!”
They probably don’t actually say that, but the production people aren’t so sure.

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How Automatic Shrink Wrap Bundling Can Reduce Your Packaging Costs

These days it’s not getting any cheaper to produce a product and bring it to market. In many cases, the packaging of your product can be as pricy as the product itself.

That’s why you should consider how automated shrink wrap bundling can reduce your packaging costs.

First, an automatic shrink bundler cuts down on the time and labor of manual packaging. But that's not all.

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Using Polyethylene Film for Shrink Wrap Bundling

Polyethylene is one of the most commonly used plastics around. We see it every day in household items such as juice containers, plastic food wrap, and detergent bottles.

But it’s also an ideal choice for use with automatic shrink wrap bundlers, which is why many product manufacturers and copackers prefer using Polyethylene film.

But what exactly is Polyethylene? Here’s a little chemistry lesson.

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Choosing the Right Shrink Wrap Bundler for Your Product

 Automatic shrink wrap bundling machines are designed to make the packaging of products more efficient. Unlike shrink bundlers in the $500 dollar price range, a premium shrink wrap bundler is designed for high product volume.

This is where Holland Packaging’s Autopack shrink bundlers fit in. These systems are used in industrial settings and are made for handling inventories that need to be packaged and moved on a daily basis.

Autopack semi-automatic machines not only save time but stand up over the test of time.

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Leasing Advantages of the Section 179 Deduction and Bonus Depreciation

If you’re thinking about purchasing packaging equipment this year, how you plan to finance your expenditure could provide your business with substantial tax benefits.

At Holland Packaging, LLC, we partner with a packaging equipment leasing company to provide you options that can truly preserve your cash reserves.

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Secondary Packaging in a Post Pandemic World

As a provider of shrink wrap packaging machinery, Holland Packaging, LLC has always been on the front lines of keeping products protected, and clean.

From production to distribution, we partner with our clients to learn everything about their product, factory plant, and business. This allows us to provide them with the best secondary packaging solution possible.

We understand that from the time a product is manufactured to the time it reaches a consumer, there are many steps in the supply chain that can impact the safety of a product.

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Creating a Successful Packaging Strategy

Product packaging is an important feature of your product. However, there are different types of packaging, so planning your packaging strategy is as important as the product itself.

As a product producer, there are three types of packaging you need to consider:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Tertiary

A successful packaging strategy must consider all these levels of packaging.

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Contract Packaging: The Benefits of Outsourcing and Using a CoPacking Company

At Holland Packaging, our shrink bundling systems have packaged numerous name-brand products, such as Schick, Delmonte, Nestle, and Rust-Oleum. But what you may not realize is that many of these familiar household products are being packaged by contract packagers, who use our equipment for their big brand clients.

And we are happy to work with them.

However, for those of you who manufacture a product and have wondered about using a contract packager, there are great benefits to doing this.  First, you can streamline your supply chain and make your business more efficient. It's also beneficial when you can put all of your focus on your product line, and less on secondary packaging.

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Benefits of Using an Automatic Case-Packing Machine

Just about any business that manufactures or distributes products typically has a need for secondary packaging. Secondary packaging in the form of shrink wrapping is an excellent way to keep products, clean and tamper-free.

But think about case packing.

Using an automatic case-packing machine can provide a number of benefits for products and businesses. For those who still rely on hand-packing cartons, automatic case packing machines save time by automating this process.

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How Shrink Bundlers with a Vertical Collator Work

Do you have a product that comes in a square or rectangular box that needs to be packaged and stacked? If so, then an automatic shrink wrap machine with a vertical collator is the perfect solution.

Shrink-wrap bundlers with vertical collators are specifically designed to shrink wrap and stack rectangular items like toothpaste cartons, bars of soap, reams of paper, RX, and pharmaceutical cartons.

Vertical Collator Advantages

Having the ability to automatically bundle stacked packs of products offers a number of advantages.

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Advantages of Automated Shrink Wrap Bundling

Automated shrink wrap bundling gives your products a secondary layer of packaging that provides additional protection. But there are also many other advantages.

Many times, people think that adding automated packaging equipment will increase their costs, when in fact, just the opposite is true.

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Should you be Using Tray and Shrink Wrap Packaging?

Tray and shrink wrap packaging is the process of shrink bundling products that have been placed onto a cardboard tray. The tray typically has low sides and is secured by the Polyethylene film.

At Holland Packaging, we offer an automatic tray and shrink wrap system. But how do you decide if you should be using tray and shrink wrap packaging?

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We Service Your Shrink Bundler for the Long Haul

As a product manufacturer or distributor, one of the worst things that could bring production to a screeching halt is to have your end-of-line shrink bundling equipment fail.

Downtime means lost profits. So, when your equipment stops working you need someone that can get things up and running quickly, and that’s exactly what we do for you.

At Holland Packaging LLC, we understand the value in keeping your packaging production line up and running, and we take our commitment to service seriously.

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How Holland Packaging Provides You Value

At Holland Packaging, we want to provide you the best value we possibly can. That's why the packaging solutions we offer you are determined by three important factors. We like to refer to them as the pillars of your business – product, production line, and your desired outcome.

First, we want to know everything about your products and industry. Next, tell us about your manufacturing space, layout, and production lines. Thirdly, but most importantly, what are your packaging challenges, and desired outcome you want to achieve.

What are your Shrink Bundling Requirements and Needs?

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Customized Infeed and Discharge Conveyor Options for Your Shrink Bundler

At Holland Packaging, we understand that the wrapping, packaging, and transporting of your products is as important as the product itself. The layout of your factory space is also a big component of packaging your product.

That’s why we offer our Autopack automatic shrink bundlers with customized infeed and discharge conveyor configurations that fit your product and end of line production requirements.

Since packaging comes in all shapes and sizes, it only makes sense that your shrink bundler should have customized infeed and discharge conveyors. That’s why we don’t just sell you a machine.

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Your Personal Care Product Line is Endless, But Your Packaging Process Shouldn’t Be

One of the largest market segments that use our Autopack shrink wrap bundlers is the personal care industry. Not only is this industry include a wide assortment of health, beauty, and hygiene products, but the growth of eCommerce sales continues to grow this market every year.

At Holland Packaging, we understand that your personal care product line may be endless, but your packaging process shouldn’t be.

We have worked with major companies such as Unilever, Clinique, and Cetaphil in automating their packaging process.

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How We Can Remotely Service Your Shrink Bundler Any Time From Anywhere

If you’re already using an Autopack automatic shrink wrap bundler to streamline packaging, you might think that your production line is as efficient as it gets.

But what happens if your equipment has a problem?  That’s when the time it takes to get production moving again is critical.

At Holland Packaging, we understand that providing fast service is key to keeping your business up and running. That’s why we offer an optional remote-connectivity solution, that allows us to securely connect to your production equipment, anytime, from anywhere. 

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Tapered Ice Cream Cup Inverter and Collation Options

Holland Packaging’s tapered ice cream cup inverters with horizontal collator option offer a wide range of versatility for shrink packaging tapered ice cream containers.

The shrink bundling of dairy cups that are wider at the top than the bottom benefit from the use of an inverter that can flip the containers for a snug and secure packaging.

It provides product stability with alternate container flipping to safely collate, transfer and wrap ice cream products. Plus, our system can save you up to 40% less power consumption!

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How Manufacturers Can Survive & Thrive Amidst The COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 outbreak has hit many different sectors hard around the world. While the fate of the manufacturing industry in America may seem uncertain, there are certain steps that can be taken in order to survive--and thrive--in spite of it all.  

In a recent interview with Fox News, Mark Cuban stated that in order for manufacturers to flourish, they must

Bring Back Production from China

It is quite clear now how much we rely on Chinese products and resources. For our country to come out ahead, we must invest in automation and technology at home, not overseas. 

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Hope for Manufacturing Post COVID-19: We’re Here for You!

The crisis currently being faced by the entire globe is one that will continue to have long-lasting effects across industries and businesses alike. And while we wait for the uncertainty to pass, not all will be gloomy grey skies.

While we recognize the seriousness of the widespread pandemic and continue to monitor the situation, we’d like to paint a more optimistic picture of what may lie ahead as we navigate a new and changed world going forward.


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Prosperity Through Packaging: Why End of Line Packaging Machinery Matters

Your production line is the public face of your company. How well the packaging machinery works and what it looks like has important implications for the success of your business. 

In this post, we’re looking at the huge role end of line packaging machinery plays in a company’s success, what we call "Packaging Prosperity." 

Here are a few reasons worth considering:

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3 Industries That Could Benefit From a Case Packing Machine


Case packing machines can offer an immense amount of value to retailers and wholesalers; specifically, case packers provide a fully automatic secondary packaging solution. When integrated correctly, case packers can help manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers reduce labor costs and improve productivity.

Now with a variety of secondary packaging options available, you may be wondering: are case packers right for my product? While shrink wrap machines or tray packers may be the better choice for certain products, there are still many products that are better suited for case packing.

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2020 Trends in Packaging

The packaging industry is growing thanks to an improving economy and more consumers shopping for goods online. According to a report by consulting firm Smithers, the world packaging market was valued at $917B in 2019 and will continue to grow steadily to reach $1.05 trillion by 2024.

A combination of unique design, technology to create storage containers, and packing machinery, all make it possible for companies to store, ship, and sell items. Here are some of the hottest trends emerging in packaging for 2020.

Sustainable Packaging

Increasing consumer awareness of ecological problems in the world and demands from regulatory bodies for greater sustainability have lead many packaging engineers and manufacturers to start working on ways to lessen the carbon footprint and improve the sustainability of packaging.

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Secondary Packaging Trends Worth Embracing In 2020

statistics 1020319 1280

Secondary packaging is a lucrative necessity for retailers, wholesalers, and CPG professionals nationwide. Not only does secondary packaging help create attractive merchandising displays, it also helps to protect primary packages as they make their way through the supply chain to the customer. 

In 2020, the secondary packaging industry is embracing eco-friendly solutions and automation. Making such strides will help streamline processes and increase output. Here’s why automation and eco-friendly solutions are so important to the future of secondary packaging.

Automation Improves Output 

Mechanical case formers, band sealers, carton machines, and shrink wrappers can all be automated effectively. As we move into the new year, contract packaging companies will adopt automated procedures in order to keep pace with the growing demand for product delivery. 

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3 Industries That Could Benefit From a Shrink Wrap Machine

Shrinkwrap bundling offers numerous advantages to both retailers and wholesalers. From the consumer’s perspective, shrink-wrapped products are easy to carry, and they appear fresher than items that are not.

Of course, anything that benefits the consumer also benefits the wholesaler. Still, wholesalers gain a unique advantage as well: shrink wrappers give them the ability to offer certain products in bulk.

The next logical question, then, is who specifically can benefit from using shrink wrap machines?

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How to Get 15 More Days of Production Per Year


If you eliminate just 30 minutes of downtime per day, you’ll gain an incredible 15 extra days of production. That is assuming just 1 shift per day!  

There is perhaps nothing more important to a manufacturer’s bottom line than efficiency and productivity. If you sell products in retail or wholesale spaces, then you must know how vital your secondary packaging strategy is to your overall success.

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AutoPack Shrink Wrapping Advantages Maintain Growth & Profitability

For any business that must bundle and wrap their products and goods for shipping and resale, understanding how shrinking wrapping works is a critical first step. Getting items properly packed and shipped is as important as knowing if the product you wish to package is a candidate for shrink wrapping.

Steps involved in shrink wrapping items include grouping items appropriately, choosing the correct shrink film and heat method as well and understanding the loading and stacking of products. Each of these elements plays a role in the ultimate efficiency and cost savings that can be achieved by choosing to shrink wrap.

AutoPack is one of the best-known brands in the packaging industry. For over 35 years it’s offered reliable and affordable packaging machines made of quality parts to reduce downtime. With their solutions, production lines move along quickly, space is saved, costs are being reduced - all while keeping machines running for long service life.

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How to Pick The Right Shrink Wrap Machine

When it comes to choosing the best shrink wrap machine for your needs, it’s important to not only look at the type of machine, but also the product that you are packaging.

Questions like: “What is the desired or required end result?” can help you to understand which machine will offer the best results.


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Holland Packaging Saves The Day


Case Study #1910



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Autopack: Meeting the Demanding Needs of Pharmaceutical Packaging Lines


Pharmaceutical companies have exacting packaging standards to comply with FDA requirements and to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers. To make this all happen, they partner with shrink wrap experts like Autopack to get the job done.

Our popular Autopack shrink bundlers are used throughout the industry to collate and shrink wrap bottles or cartons in a tight shrink-wrapped package and also to provide pharmaceutical companies with peace of mind knowing their production lines are moving along efficiently and cost-effectively.

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4 Misconceptions About Shrink Wrapping Debunked

Shrink wrapped packages are quite common these days--and for good reason. After all, shrink wrapping comes with some great benefits; however, as beneficial as shrink wrapping and bundling can be, many manufacturers are still not taking advantage of it.

Why? Because many still believe that it’s either not as secure as corrugated, too expensive, a harm to the environment, or not versatile enough. These assumptions are often born out of misinformation. Today, we’re going to set the record straight.

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Shrink Wrapped Beer? Yes Please!

 The beer industry has been a longstanding winner among consumer goods, providing generations with malt-based beverages they love.

According to the National Beer Wholesalers Association, the U.S. beer industry sells over $119.3 billion in beer and malt-based beverages to U.S. consumers each year. The 202.2 million barrels of beer shipped in 2018, equals over 2.8 billion cases of 24-12 ounce servings.

That’s a lot of 24 packs!

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The Autopack “CMOS” Continuous Motion Overlap Seal Bundler


Speedier Packaging & High Impact Graphics

Shrinkwrapping plays an important packaging role at all types of production facilities. Creating goods that are easy to ship, handle, and maintains product hygiene are all important reasons to invest in Autopack shrink bundling systems.

Using eye-catching print film also increases sales dramatically compared to clear film packaging. These days virtually all soft drink and bottled water packaging use print film to stand out in the crowded field. Clear film packaging is no longer optional if you want to be a serious competitor. 

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Tray Packing #10 Cans Spell Big Savings For Wholesale Suppliers


If you’re a wholesale food supplier looking to boost your bottom line and reduce waste, then it’s important to optimize your secondary packaging methods regularly. One of the easiest ways to cut costs while maintaining output quality is by packing #10 cans into trays instead of cases.

sams club can in tray

Why You Should Adopt Trays Over Cases

There is certainly a time and place for case packing, but when you’re supplying packs of #10 cans, then it may make more sense to use tray packing. For wholesalers, there are many advantages to using tray packing over cases.

Benefits of Tray Packaging:

  • Adds stability for heavier items
  • More affordable than full case wrapping
  • Stackable with less bulk
  • Allows retailers visibility of product to track inventory levels
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How Strategic Secondary Packaging Can Increase Retail Sales

There is perhaps nothing more important to a retail marketing strategy than an effective display. After all, If you want your products to jump off the shelves like hotcakes, they need to be visually appealing to consumers.

Now you may be wondering:

how can I make my product stand out from the sea of competitors? By leveraging the power of Secondary Packaging.

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3 Advantages Of Choosing Wraparound Cases Over RSC’s

When it comes to secondary packaging solutions, retailers, distributors, and consumer packaging goods manufacturers (CPGs) often wonder whether they should opt for wraparound cases over regular slotted cases (RSC).  What Are Regular Slotted Cases (RSC)? Also known as a Knock Down case, RSC's are your "typical" container: when folded, the 2 out...
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Benefits of Bullseye Enclosures in Shrink Wrap Applications

Shrinkwrapping seems like a pretty basic concept. A film is placed over a product and is heated to enclose and seal it as packaging. You can expect savings of up to 70%* with shrink wrapping your products without the conventional corrugated case.  (*Number provided by customers based on their experience.)

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at different types of shrink wrapping and the benefits of bullseye enclosures.

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VTS 30 Tray Stacker

Holland Engineering Presents: VTS 30 tray stacker. Capable of running multiple sizes. quick change over. Holland Packaging is here today and tomorrow to keep you moving forward. GET IN TOUCH TODAY!

Case and Tray Packer

The Holland IM-30 tray and case packer is perfect for packaging glass, cans, boxes, health and beauty pharmaceutical, and many more containers. The machine is capable of single, double, or triple tiers. Add a Holland Engineering shrink wrapper for a full system. Holland Packaging is here today and tomorrow to keep you moving forward. GET IN TOUCH T...
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