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How to Pick The Right Shrink Wrap Machine

How to Pick The Right Shrink Wrap Machine

When it comes time to choose the correct shrink wrap machine for your needs, it’s important to not only look at the type of machine, but also the product.

Questions like: “What is the desired or required end result?” can help you to understand which machine will offer the best results.


A standard shrink wrap machine produces a bullseye hole pattern at the ends and is great for making a tough package of multiple items. An example of this would be at your local store where packages of bottled water can easily be picked up off the shelf using the openings on the side of the packaging.

Bullseye shrink wrapping is most often used for larger, taller or heavier bundles as well as shelf-stocking and efficiency considerations.

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Holland Packaging Saves The Day

Holland Packaging Saves The Day


Case Study #1910



Careful Automation Overcomes Productivity Problems for New England Company                                  

A Connecticut company recently brought its production problems to Holland Packaging. After a required manual quality check on their products, it was discovered that they were also manually bundling and packing with over half a dozen employees. After upgrading the production line, now packing was the new bottleneck.

The company solution was to add six more people and a larger hand packing station. They were also concerned about continuing production during installation and the impact automation would have on their good and loyal people.

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Autopack: Meeting the Demanding Needs of Pharmaceutical Packaging Lines

Autopack: Meeting the Demanding Needs of Pharmaceutical Packaging Lines

Pharmaceutical companies have exacting packaging standards to comply with FDA requirements and to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers. To make this all happen, they partner with shrink wrap experts like Autopack to get the job done.

Our popular Autopack shrink bundlers are used throughout the industry to collate and shrink wrap bottles or cartons in a tight shrink-wrapped package and also to provide pharmaceutical companies with peace of mind knowing their production lines are moving along efficiently and cost-effectively.

Holland Packaging’s Autopack Shrink Packaging Systems meet the very high standards expected at pharmaceutical companies for their production lines. Some of the key benefits include: 

  • Compliance with strict specifications for each client.
  • Stainless steel constructed machines.
  • Allen Bradley PLC and HMI.
  • UL and cUL certified electrical panels.
  • Compact designs.
  • The ability to run round, oval, and square containers on the same machine.
  • Right angle infeeds.

And so much more!

Holland Packaging’s SLM shrink bundler was recently selected by a major Montreal pharmaceutical company looking for a solution that met FDA requirements while also providing rapid and consistent changeovers in a tight production line space. Autopack was the clear choice!

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4 Misconceptions About Shrink Wrapping Debunked

yes no

Shrink wrapped packages are quite common these days--and for good reason. After all, shrink wrapping comes with some great benefits; however, as beneficial as shrink wrapping and bundling can be, many manufacturers are still not taking advantage of it. Why? Because many still believe that it’s either not as secure as corrugated, too expensive, a harm to the environment, or not versatile enough. These assumptions are often born out of misinformation. Today, we’re going to set the record straight.

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Shrink Wrapped Beer? Yes Please!

Shrink Wrapped Beer? Yes Please!



The beer industry has been a longstanding winner among consumer goods, providing generations with malt-based beverages they love. According to the National Beer Wholesalers Association, the U.S. beer industry sells over $119.3 billion in beer and malt-based beverages to U.S. consumers each year. The 202.2 million barrels of beer shipped in 2018, equals over 2.8 billion cases of 24-12 ounce servings.

That’s a lot of 24 packs!

Whether your favorite brew is a traditional bottled style or a new small-batch craft – knowing that you’re drinking from a clean container for that first refreshing sip is important.

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The Autopack “CMOS” Continuous Motion Overlap Seal Bundler

The Autopack “CMOS” Continuous Motion Overlap Seal Bundler

Speedier Packaging & High Impact Graphics

Shrinkwrapping plays an important packaging role at all types of production facilities. Creating goods that are easy to ship, handle, and maintains product hygiene are all important reasons to invest in Autopack shrink bundling systems.

Using eye-catching print film also increases sales dramatically compared to clear film packaging. These days virtually all soft drink and bottled water packaging use print film to stand out in the crowded field. Clear film packaging is no longer optional if you want to be a serious competitor. 

Benefits of Autopack’s CMOS for Packaging with Shrink Film

  • Packaging in print film increases sales big time. Consumers make snap decisions that are often based on a product’s appearance. High-resolution graphics are displayed on the product wrapper without distortion. Print film with messaging is also a highly effective form of point of sale advertising.

  • Autopack “CMOS” machines come in numerous configurations and product handling capabilities. Whether you pack cans, bottles, boxes, or whatever, Autopack probably has a machine to fit your needs.

  • Shrink bundling often eliminates the need for corrugated trays, pads, and boxes. The saving can be huge.

  • Less corrugated means less waste and that helps your customers to “Go Green!"

  • Affordability! Autopack is an exceptional value.

  • Small footprint. Use less valuable production floor space!

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Tray Packing #10 Cans Spell Big Savings For Wholesale Suppliers

sams club can in tray

If you’re a wholesale food supplier looking to boost your bottom line and reduce waste, then it’s important to optimize your secondary packaging methods regularly. One of the easiest ways to cut costs while maintaining output quality is by packing #10 cans into trays instead of cases.

Why You Should Adopt Trays Over Cases

There is certainly a time and place for case packing, but when you’re supplying packs of #10 cans, then it’s smarter to use trays. Ultimately, you should switch from cases to trays if you want to...

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How Strategic Secondary Packaging Can Increase Retail Sales

How Strategic Secondary Packaging Can Increase Retail Sales

There is perhaps nothing more important to a retail marketing strategy than an effective display. After all, If you want your products to jump off the shelves like hotcakes, they need to be visually appealing to consumers.

Now you may be wondering:

how can I make my product stand out from the sea of competitors? By leveraging the power of Secondary Packaging.

What Exactly Is Secondary Packaging?

To understand Secondary Packaging, let’s first define Primary Packaging. Primary Packaging is packaging that comes in direct contact with the product. Soda, for example, comes in bottles and cans; the cans/bottles are the Primary Package. When you purchase a pack of soda, it’s usually housed in cardboard so that the cans/bottles are easy to transport. The cardboard is considered Secondary Packaging. Why? Because it helps to protect the product’s primary package (the can/bottle).

Of course, cardboard is but one example of Secondary Packaging. Other common Secondary Packaging materials include crates, trays, cartons, and shrink wrapped bundles.

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3 Advantages Of Choosing Wraparound Cases Over RSC’s

3 Advantages Of Choosing Wraparound Cases Over RSC’s
​ When it comes to secondary packaging solutions, retailers, distributors, and consumer packaging goods manufacturers (CPGs) often wonder whether they should opt for wraparound cases over regular slotted cases (RSC).  What Are Regular Slotted Cases (RSC)? ​ ​ Also known as a Knock Down case, RSC's are your "typical" container: when folded, the...
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Benefits of Bullseye Enclosures in Shrink Wrap Applications

Benefits of Bullseye Enclosures in Shrink Wrap Applications

By Rlsheehan - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link


Shrink wrapping seems like a pretty basic concept. A film is placed over a product and is heated to enclose and seal it as packaging. You can expect savings of up to 70%* with shrink wrapping your products without the conventional corrugated case.  (*Number provided by customers based on their experience.)

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at different types of shrink wrapping and the benefits of bullseye enclosures.

Types of Film

One of the first things to think about when it comes to shrink wrapping items is the type of film that will be used. Some options include:

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