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Benefits of Bullseye Enclosures in Shrink Wrap Applications

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Shrink wrapping seems like a pretty basic concept. A film is placed over a product and is heated to enclose and seal it as packaging. You can expect savings of up to 70%* with shrink wrapping your products without the conventional corrugated case.  (*Number provided by customers based on their experience.)

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at different types of shrink wrapping and the benefits of bullseye enclosures.

Types of Film

One of the first things to think about when it comes to shrink wrapping items is the type of film that will be used. Some options include:

Polyethylene - Economical, good clarity, available in different thicknesses.

Polyolefin – Top class of films in shrink wrapping.  Visually appealing, doesn’t disturb the product packaging and marketing efforts and helps with the presentation of food and other items that consumers want to see before they purchase.

Shrink Wrapping Applications

Benefits of Bullseye Enclosures

The open ends of the product looks like a bullseye, hence the name Bullseye. The other great thing about the bullseye enclosure method is that multiple products can be wrapped at once. Individual products placed in a tray for bulk distribution can be packaged in one bundle.

Typical applications include beverage packaging. This is a perfect example of an industry that can utilize bullseye wrapping. In this process, drink bottles - glass beer bottles, soda cans, and plastic water bottles, for example, are all placed in a tray that is then wrapped in a single application with the shrink wrap film while still leaving an opening on each side. Many even use the Bullseye as handles.

There’s also a cost savings advantage since less film is needed for the wrapping, this is compared to Full Enclosure film usage.

Full Enclosure

Full Enclosure, which like the name indicates, completely encapsulates the product in the film, is used for items that cannot be contaminated – like food or cosmetics as well as fragile items made of glass for example that may shatter easily. Similarly, to cookies being cut with a cookie cutter on a dough sheet, not all the film can be used (the discarded film would need to be recycled before being used again).  


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