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How Shrink Bundlers with a Vertical Collator Work

Do you have a product that comes in a square or rectangular box that needs to be packaged and stacked? If so, then an automatic shrink wrap machine with a vertical collator is the perfect solution.

Shrink-wrap bundlers with vertical collators are specifically designed to shrink wrap and stack rectangular items like toothpaste cartons, bars of soap, reams of paper, RX, and pharmaceutical cartons.

vertical collator to shrink bundle products

Vertical Collator Advantages

Having the ability to automatically bundle stacked packs of products offers a number of advantages.

For example, stacks can be packed in cartons more quickly than individual products. This is especially ideal for smaller products.

It also allows you to create different quantity-sized packs for your clients’ merchandising needs – whether they are a grocery store or big-box warehouse.

It can even help you plan promotions like Buy-One-Get-One BOGO items.

shrink bundler with vertical collator

How the Vertical Collator Stacks and Wraps Products

Because the collator has a vertical orientation, it can sort and stack up products in single or multi-packs.

Here’s how it works.

The shrink bundler machine has a conveyor to transport products into the wrapping unit.

Here, the products accumulate until a full layer is counted. Then the layer is elevated to table level where it is supported by latches.

This activates a horizontal pusher which transfers the collation of items behind a welding bar where it will get sleeve-wrapped in film.

As the welding bar rises, the pusher advances to transfer the next collation of items into position, while simultaneously moving the previously wrapped collation onto a conveyor towards the shrink tunnel.

Next, the wrapped collated enter the shrink tunnel chamber, where recirculated hot air causes the film to shrink, and tightly conform to the pack to shrink-wrap it.

When the pack leaves the hot air chamber, forced air cooling is applied to the pack to tighten the sleeve wrap into a securely shrink-wrapped package.

Product packs are then ready for palletizing or for shipping cartons.

If your product and business can benefit from a vertical collator packaging solution, give us a call today.

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