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How Holland Packaging Provides You Value

At Holland Packaging, we want to provide you the best value we possibly can. That's why the packaging solutions we offer you are determined by three important factors. We like to refer to them as the pillars of your business – product, production line, and your desired outcome.

First, we want to know everything about your products and industry. Next, tell us about your manufacturing space, layout, and production lines. Thirdly, but most importantly, what are your packaging challenges, and desired outcome you want to achieve.

What are your Shrink Bundling Requirements and Needs?

Do you worry about packaging protection for your product?

Do you have concerns over efficiency or costs?

Do you have too many or not enough employees?

Everything you tell us about your product and business will help us create the ideal shrink-wrap packaging solution you want to accomplish.

Right now, stop and think about where you are with your product and packaging, and what needs to change to make your business successful.

Now that we are living in a post-pandemic world, perhaps safety and hygiene is a concern. If so, shrink film bundling can keep your products and their original packaging clean, dust-free, and overall safer when handled.

The pandemic has also increased the distribution of pharmaceutical drugs and the demand for high-quality, tamper-proof pharma packaging. But the focus is not only on pharmaceuticals.

In 2020, online purchasing and delivery vastly increased, making manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and co-packers more acutely aware of the importance of product packaging.

Now more than ever, all industries, such as food, beverage, and personal care are looking for ways to provide quality packaged goods while keeping production costs down.
With all this in mind, Holland Packaging offers a number of packaging solutions with customized options that can benefit your business.

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The Benefits of Working with Holland Packaging

The benefits of working with us are not only our machines but also our superior service in customizing a solution that perfectly suits your packaging needs.

Our Autopack shrink-wrap bundlers are compact, efficient, and provide easy tool-less changeovers to save you valuable end-of-line packaging time and money.

Additionally, we can help you configure your production line with customized infeed conveyors such as 90-degree or inline, and customized discharge conveyors such as curved or split lane output.

Plus, there is a number of options you can add to your system.

As for service, we will be here to service any Autopack machine your purchase from us, for as long as you own it – which our experience has shown us, can a very long time!

We also offer an optional remote servicing solution that allows us to diagnose, troubleshoot or even upgrade your system from anywhere, without an onsite-service call.

How Shrink-Wrap Bundling Can Help Your Bottom Line

Did you know that an automatic shrink bundler machine can pay for itself and save you money – in just one year of operation?


Automatic shrink bundling can augment packaging production by replacing manual packing and streamlining production time. It can also provide you with more affordable ways to package and palletize your products.

For example, using tray and shrink bundling over full cartons, saves warehouse storage space, lightens the weight of the product for transport, and reduces cardboard costs.

Using bullseye shrink bundling saves you the expense of corrugated board, yet is also durable enough to hold heavy beverage bottles, with side openings for easy lifting.

As the USA Autopack distributor, you can be assured that if we sell you a shrink bundler, that we will service it for as long as you own the machine.

We even offer a remote service option so we can diagnose, upgrade and repair problems remotely from anywhere, without the expense of an onsite service call.

So, whatever shrink wrap packaging challenges you face, trust Holland Packaging for the right solution and superior service.


Holland Packaging is here today and tomorrow to keep you moving forward. GET IN TOUCH TODAY!

We Service Your Shrink Bundler for the Long Haul
Customized Infeed and Discharge Conveyor Options f...

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