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Tray Packing #10 Cans Spell Big Savings For Wholesale Suppliers

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If you’re a wholesale food supplier looking to boost your bottom line and reduce waste, then it’s important to optimize your secondary packaging methods regularly. One of the easiest ways to cut costs while maintaining output quality is by packing #10 cans into trays instead of cases.

Why You Should Adopt Trays Over Cases

There is certainly a time and place for case packing, but when you’re supplying packs of #10 cans, then it’s smarter to use trays. Ultimately, you should switch from cases to trays if you want to...

Save Big On Corrugated

Packing #10 cans into trays could save food canneries across the USA 30+ cents per case. If your company produces 500,000 cases per year, then this could save you $150,000.00! Now you might be wondering: do trays offer as much protection? Yes, they do. To preserve quality and hygiene, we recommend that you shrink wrap your trays.

Reduce Waste

Today, many companies are moving toward green-friendly packaging--and for good reason: not only do these types of initiatives help preserve the world we live in, but they send a positive message to consumers.  

Ready to Adopt Tray Packing? Holland Packaging Can Help

Holland packaging offers a variety of tray packing solutions for you to choose from. If you’re serious about improving your bottom line the right way, then give us a call today.


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