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Your Personal Care Product Line is Endless, But Your Packaging Process Shouldn’t Be

One of the largest market segments that use our Autopack shrink wrap bundlers is the personal care industry. Not only is this industry include a wide assortment of health, beauty, and hygiene products, but the growth of eCommerce sales continues to grow this market every year.

At Holland Packaging, we understand that your personal care product line may be endless, but your packaging process shouldn’t be.

We have worked with major companies such as Unilever, Clinique, and Cetaphil in automating their packaging process.

And, we are extremely proud to have assisted these companies as they manufacture a wide variety of products in many different sizes.

This means that we have been successful in providing packaging automation systems that are versatile enough to handle large and varied product lines.



Shrink wrap bundler for personal care cosmetic and hair care products

Do you have a diverse personal care product line that can benefit from shrink packaging automation?

If so, we have worked with clients just like you so we understand how diversified your personal care product line can be.

Our clients make everything from cosmetics, skin and hair care, personal hygiene, cleansing bars, and lotions, and their product containers are as unique as their products.

Our Autopack machines are currently being used to make the packaging process more efficient.

For example, finished bottles are usually packed 6 or 12 to a case. If they are packed loose, meaning without automation, the packer must pick up 6 or 12 bottles to fill each case.

Autopack SLO Shrink wrap bundler for personal care products

Autopack Increases Productivity and Automation

Autopack shrink bundlers are typically used to unitize products in 3-count film bundles. By doing so, the packer makes far fewer moves to pack the same size case.

This method doubles productivity, which translates to higher efficiency, less labor, more profitability for you.

We have all read how manufacturers are desperate for laborers to keep their plants operational.

In reality, these positions are hard to fill as packing can be boring, low-paying, and cause repetitive motion injuries.

This is where our Autopack machines can increase productivity. Even with fewer employees, Autopack automation can make a difference!

shrink wrap bundler personal care oval bottle products

Our Autopack SLO is the most popular solution for shrink packaging personal care products. Whether you’re working with oval-shaped bottles, lotion tubes, or pump containers, the SLO is your perfect solution. 


Holland Packaging is here today and tomorrow to keep you moving forward. GET IN TOUCH TODAY!

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