Understanding Shrink Wrap Bundling and Automatic Shrink Bundlers

Shrink-wrap bundling is the process of taking multiple products, bundling them in film to create a pack, then shrink-wrapping them together.

The purpose of shrink wrapping is to create secondary packaging around the items for added protection, as bundled products are less likely to spill if dropped or become damaged.

An Automatic Shrink Bundler makes this process more efficient for product manufacturers by automating the grouping and shrink bundling of items.

Using a conveyor belt, the shrink bundler machine takes the grouped items through a heat tunnel to snugly enclose them into a Polyethylene film.

As the product bundle leaves the heat tunnel, it cools and hardens the film into a secure, shrink-wrapped package.

Shrink bundlers are typically used for food, dairy, beverage, personal care products, cosmetics, household, and pharmaceutical products. They can handle product packs as large as water bottles or as small as RX pill bottles.

Automatic shrink wrap bundling provides a number of advantages over manual packing. It can save time and labor, making end-of-line secondary packaging more cost-efficient.

It can also be combined with corrugated pads or trays to offer additional stability to heavier products, such as canned goods, providing an effective way to stack, palletize, transport, and distribute goods to consumer outlets for shelf stocking.

Our line of Autopack shrink wrap bundlers are made with name-brand components such as Allen-Bradley, Festo, and Siemens, for reliability and performance. They are compact and can easily be moved from one production line to another for flexibility.

At Holland Packaging, we have worked with name-brand clients to streamline their packaging production and save them money. And we can find you the right packaging solution for your product and manufacturing facility, so contact us today.