Beverage Packaging Solution

Holland Packaging offers a variety of industrial shrink wrap solutions for beverage manufacturers. With our efficient line of Autopack Shrink Wrap Bundler machines, we provide cost-effective, end of line packaging for cans and bottles.

Our shrink wrap bundling systems for beverages offer user-friendly HMI controls and quick changeovers. They can perform bullseye shrink film wrapping with quick cooling fans at output to ensure durability of heavy items such as water bottle packs.

Depending on your application, they can also be configured for tray and shrink wrapping, and/or full case packing of beverages.

You can even brand your shrink-packaged end products with a printed film registration device to add colorful logos and messaging to your products.

Whether you want to reduce the cost of manual packing, or need to increase the productivity of your beverage shrink bundling production line, let Holland Packaging help you select the right shrink packer that’s right for you.