Ice Cream Packaging Solution

The shrink packaging of ice cream containers presents the unique challenge of bundling containers that are typically wider at the top than the bottom. Our line of Autopack Shrink Bundlers with Inverter is the perfect solution for shrink-wrapping ice cream tubs, and cartons securely together.

From 4-liter tubs to 1-pint cartons, our automated shrink bundler systems use integrated HMI controls to quickly adjust, or change the product pack pattern settings to fit the container size needed. With the Inverter, ice cream containers are flipped over and collated so that every other container is face down, to create a uniform bundle.

With the addition of an Autopack Tray Packer, the collated bundles get placed onto corrugated sheets that form a tray prior to shrink wrapping and get sealed with a Nordson Hot Melt Glue System. Once the automatic shrink wrapper applies the film and pushes the ice cream bundle through the heat-shrink tunnel, the pack is ready for freezer storage or transporting.