Overlap Seal Packaging Solution

One of the most widely used methods to automatically shrink bundle items is with an overlap seal. Our Autopack integrated shrink bundler solution can be custom-configured to meet the most challenging shrink-wrap, overlap seal requirements.

Overlap seal applications for bottles, jars, cans, or rectangular cartons can easily be configured with HMI controls. With quick changeovers, seamlessly go from one size and shape to another. Autopack’s precise heat-sealing tunnel shrinks printed film with precise registration for crisp graphics and branding.

The process of overlap sealing uses a single film roll, where a pre-cut sheet of film is wrapped around the product with the loose ends overlapping around the pack. The overlapped region is partially fused in the shrink tunnel at the same time the rest of the sleeve is shrunk to enclose the contents. Once outside the shrink tunnel, the shrink-pack is cooled by forced air which tightens the film into a semi-rigid package that’s ready for palletizing or downstream packaging.

Accurate collating and metering technology can be set up to streamline and overlap-seal a wide variety of products in a number of industries. Our solution can be set up for multi-streaming to run two or three tracks at a time. For efficiency and reliability let Holland Packaging find the right overlap-seal solution for you.