Personal Care Shrink Wrap Bundler Solutions

The shrink packaging of personal care products presents a unique challenge as these items come in a wide variety of container shapes and packaging sizes such as aerosol hairspray cans, lipstick tubes, or oval shampoo bottles. Hair and beauty products that are smaller and compact in size, also require efficient material handling for protection.

Using a shrink wrap bundler for personal care products provides secondary packaging around the product.

This is especially important with health and beauty personal use items such as makeup to help keep them sanitary. Shrink-wrap packaging personal care items also prevents damage to the product during shipping and retail displaying. Read more here.







At Holland Packaging, we understand these requirements and can customize shrink packaging solutions specifically for your personal care products. Our line of Autopack shrink-wrap bundling systems are cost-effective, and highly adaptable with integrated HMI controls to quickly change product pack-pattern settings to fit your entire personal care product line.

Additionally, we can help you configure your production line with 90 degree or inline conveyors, and offer tray packers, case packers, printed registration film, and aerosol can options. Let us help you increase productivity and packaging production with the right personal care shrink-wrap packaging solution for your product and business.