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2020 Trends in Packaging


The packaging industry is growing thanks to an improving economy and more consumers shopping for goods online. According to a report by consulting firm Smithers, the world packaging market was valued at $917B in 2019 and will continue to grow steadily to reach $1.05 trillion by 2024.

A combination of unique design, technology to create storage containers, and packing machinery, all make it possible for companies to store, ship, and sell items. Here are some of the hottest trends emerging in packaging for 2020.

Sustainable Packaging

Increasing consumer awareness of ecological problems in the world and demands from regulatory bodies for greater sustainability have lead many packaging engineers and manufacturers to start working on ways to lessen the carbon footprint and improve the sustainability of packaging.

We are still a bit away from edible plastic wrappers, but one practical and ready way to begin to add sustainability and green awareness to operations is with right-sized packaging. As the name explains, this is packaging designed to waste the least amount of empty space possible. Smaller packaging reduces truckloads and transportation requirements which have an effect on costs and benefits for the environment.

Clear & Concise Designs

In addition to how packaging is created and placed around items, there are also many new trends emerging in design and brand marketing. New colors, image styles, and text layouts are changing to meet consumer demands.

To help brands stand out among the competition, designers are working on clean, concise, and transparent designs that are eye-catching but still provide trustworthy, important details about the product right on its label. They’re also leveraging abstract designs, color gradients, and intricate designs to draw buyers in with packaging.

Connected Labels

Packaging with connected labels is also seeing growth in 2020. Consumers are already using their mobile devices to do everything else. Now, with “smart labels,” they can scan packages to get more information. Connected labels can also be tamper-evident, offer anti-theft properties and push authentication.

In addition to serialized codes for a phone to scan and connect to the Internet, these labels can also be a form of sensor that physically senses changes taking place with a package. Where it’s stored, how it’s handled, if temperature exposures are affecting the contents of the packaging, and more.

The future possibilities with packaging are endless and are sure to catapult the industry into all new realms.  One thing is for sure, it’s an exciting time to be in the packaging industry! Looking for packaging machines? need help choosing a set-up for your facility? 


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