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3 Industries That Could Benefit From a Case Packing Machine

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Case packing machines can offer an immense amount of value to retailers and wholesalers; specifically, case packers provide a fully automatic secondary packaging solution. When integrated correctly, case packers can help manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers reduce labor costs and improve productivity.

Now with a variety of secondary packaging options available, you may be wondering: are case packers right for my product? While shrink wrap machines or tray packers may be the better choice for certain products, there are still many products that are better suited for case packing.

These 3 industries can benefit greatly from using case packer machines.

The Refrigerated Food Industry

Many retailers can and do benefit from stocking cases of refrigerated foods, like cups of yoghurt or ice cream. Packing and storing these cups in cases make it easy for merchandisers to grab the right quantities needed to build attractive displays.

The Beer Industry

Ever wonder how variety packs of beer get put together? Case packing is the answer. With easy change over, case packers can package variety packs quickly and efficiently.

The Candle Industry

Who doesn’t appreciate scented candles? Thanks to case packing technology, candles can be packed into either RSC cartons or wraparound cases.

Interested In Case Packing Machines? Contact Holland Packaging

We at Holland packaging offer secondary packaging solutions that are customized to your needs. Whether you need a case packing machine, shrink wrapper, or tray packer, we can help!

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