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3 Industries That Could Benefit From a Shrink Wrap Machine

chart of shrink wrapped product categories

Shrink wrapping offers numerous advantages to both retailers and wholesalers. From the consumer’s perspective, shrink wrapped products are easy to carry, and they appear fresher than items that are not. Of course, anything that benefits the consumer also benefits the wholesaler. Still, wholesalers gain a unique advantage as well: shrink wrappers give them the ability to offer certain products in bulk.

The next logical question, then, is who specifically can benefit from using shrink wrap machines?

These 3 industries can benefit greatly from them:

The Beverage Industry

Bundled packages of water bottles are perhaps the most widely recognized example of effective shrink wrapping at work. In addition to bottles of water, shrink wrap machines can aid in the packaging of beer, energy drinks, soda, and more. When properly wrapped with bullseye ends, these bundles of beverages can look great on display. 

The Canning Industry

In addition to beverages, cans can also be bundled efficiently with shrink wrap. Small bundles of cans are very easy to transport when shrink wrapped. For large #10 cans, wholesalers can reap many benefits from adopting trays over cases.

The Personal Hygiene Industry

Bars of soap, mouthwash, deodorant, and shampoo can all be easily bundled together with the right shrink wrap machine. Everyone has run out of soap or deodorant at an inconvenient time at least once; therefore, offering these personal care items in easy-to-carry bundles will allow them to stock up easily. 

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