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4 Misconceptions About Shrink Wrapping Debunked

Shrink wrapped packages are quite common these days--and for good reason. After all, shrink wrapping comes with some great benefits; however, as beneficial as shrink wrapping and bundling can be, many manufacturers are still not taking advantage of it.

Why? Because many still believe that it’s either not as secure as corrugated, too expensive, a harm to the environment, or not versatile enough. These assumptions are often born out of misinformation. Today, we’re going to set the record straight.

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Misconception #1: Shrink Film Can’t Protect Products As Well As Corrugated

A sub point of this misconception is that shrink film is too weak; on the contrary, shrink film is available in many different thickness levels. Water bottles, for example, are packaged exclusively with shrink film across the nation.

For situations where a “sturdier” solution is necessary, a corrugated pad can be used in lieu of a fully enclosed box.  Tray and shrink packaging is up to 60% less expensive then packaging with full enclosure RDC corrugated boxes.

Misconception #2: Shrink Wrapping Machines Are Expensive To Run & Maintain

Recent technological advancements have been kind to those looking to cut down on energy costs, and shrink-wrapping machines are no exception. Shrink tunnels may have used lots of energy years ago, but today, newer system designs allow them to run at lower temperatures, which results in significant energy savings.

Holland Packaging’s line of Autopack shrink wrappers are highly efficient and use only a fraction of the power that most other brands use.

Misconception #3: Shrink Film Isn’t Recyclable, Making It Harmful To The Environment

Contrary to this belief, shrink film IS recyclable. In order to eliminate this misconception from manufacturing circles, companies need to start practicing it themselves. Not only will certain facilities actually pay for recyclable film, but it also takes up less space than waste corrugate.

Misconception #4: Shrink Wrapping Systems Aren’t Versatile Enough

When most people think about shrink wrap, they tend to picture packaged water bottles with bullseye open ends. Here at Holland Packaging, we offer both bullseye and full-enclosure shrink wrapping solutions. If you’re ready to reap the benefits of shrink wrapping, then contact us today--we’ll find the right solution to fit your needs.


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