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Advantages of Automated Shrink Wrap Bundling

Automated shrink wrap bundling gives your products a secondary layer of packaging that provides additional protection. But there are also many other advantages.

Many times, people think that adding automated packaging equipment will increase their costs, when in fact, just the opposite is true.

If you’re currently packing products manually or using a co-packing service, chances are you already have a large overhead of outgoing expenses. These expenses can drive the unit cost of your products up and cut into your bottom line.

But by adding an automatic shrink wrap bundling machine to your end-of-line packaging, you can lower costs because it’s an investment that will pay for itself rather quickly.

Here are some advantages to automated shrink wrap bundling.

  • The shrink film can keep products looking better, more sanity and provide a longer shelf life to them.
  • Automatic shrink bundlers can be customized to your manufacturing floor, offering more efficiency and space to work station areas.
  • Automation can reduce the number of employee injuries due to the repetitive task of manually packing.
  • Automated shrink bundling can lower the cost of wasted shrink film by providing the exact amount of film needed for any pack-pattern combination.
  • They can offer tool-less changeovers to save production downtime, and can also be easily moved from one production line to another.
  • Shrink packs can quickly be customized with printed graphics for branding, ongoing promotions, and marketing.
  • Both leasing and purchasing automated shrink bundling equipment for manufacturing can have tax write-off advantages for business owners.

At Holland Packaging, we’ve seen our customers reduce costs and save time by investing in one of our Autopack shrink wrap bundlers. These machines offer a variety of features and options that are well suited for just about any industry.

So, if you would like to learn more about the advantages of Automated Shrink Wrap Bundling, contact us today.

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