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Benefits of Using an Automatic Case-Packing Machine

Just about any business that manufactures or distributes products typically has a need for secondary packaging. Secondary packaging in the form of shrink wrapping is an excellent way to keep products, clean and tamper-free.

But think about case packing.

Using an automatic case-packing machine can provide a number of benefits for products and businesses. For those who still rely on hand-packing cartons, automatic case packing machines save time by automating this process.


Autopack case packer benefits

See our Case Packer in Action Here.

First products get collated and loaded onto preformed cardboard sheets. The case packer then wraps the cardboard into a carton that folds around the products and seals the case together.

Our Autopack Case Packer uses a Nordson hot melt glue system to seal the case securely, offering protection to products for stacking, palletizing, and transporting

Case packing offers products the added durability of a corrugated box to help prevent damage. This also benefits retailers who want to receive their products intact with less inventory damage.

Canned foods work well with case packers as they are heavier and need a secure container to prevent them from getting dented.

Automatic case packers are also beneficial for items like expensive electronics as cases are ideal for concealing what’s in them, while the hot glue seal provides added security.

Additionally, the cardboard used with case packers is perfect for recycling, which makes it even more appealing.

Also note that case packers can work in conjunction with certain shrink wrappers to pack products into a tray-shrink format, for additional packaging flexibility.

Holland Packaging’s Autopack case packing solution offers a compact design and can be configured for a number of Autopack shrink bundlers. With custom infeed and discharge conveyor options, we can provide you with a complete packaging solution.


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