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Contract Packaging: The Benefits of Outsourcing and Using a CoPacking Company

At Holland Packaging, our shrink bundling systems have packaged numerous name-brand products, such as Schick, Delmonte, Nestle, and Rust-Oleum. But what you may not realize is that many of these familiar household products are being packaged by contract packagers, who use our equipment for their big brand clients.

And we are happy to work with them.

However, for those of you who manufacture a product and have wondered about using a contract packager, there are great benefits to doing this.  First, you can streamline your supply chain and make your business more efficient. It's also beneficial when you can put all of your focus on your product line, and less on secondary packaging.

Who Does it Work For?

Whether your business is a huge company or a smaller start-up, using a contract packaging company can allow you to invest more time in branding and marketing efforts, and less on end-of-line packaging logistics.

A co-packer can take quite a few tasks off of your hands, like buying packaging machines, training staff, procuring materials, managing in-house storage, and running a shipping fleet.

For larger companies with a bigger product portfolio, it can be cost-effective to outsource a segment of your product line to save time. But this also holds true for smaller companies, who may need extra help with packaging.


 The Benefits of Outsourcing and Using a CoPacking Company


Keep in mind that co-packers can work with different-sized companies, but it depends on the client’s product. For instance, if you are moving a large volume of products and have good price margins, a co-packer may actually save you money and help you grow your business.

For those seeking faster lead times in getting their products out the door and onto store shelves, outsourcing to a co-packer can reduce a lot of in-house headaches. Or, say it’s the holidays and you want to get all of your promotional products out quickly, using a co-packer can free up much-needed time.

At Holland Packaging, we simply want you to be aware that there are co-packaging services out there, that may be able to help. We also want you to know that you may be surprised at the affordability of some of our systems, and how quickly they can pay for themselves.

With over 25 years of experience, we understand co-packers and we can tell you more about shrink packaging. So, whether you’re thinking about outsourcing or in-house packaging equipment, we hope you’ll consider Holland Packaging.


Holland Packaging is here today and tomorrow to keep you moving forward. GET IN TOUCH TODAY!

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