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Customized Infeed and Discharge Conveyor Options for Your Shrink Bundler

At Holland Packaging, we understand that the wrapping, packaging, and transporting of your products is as important as the product itself. The layout of your factory space is also a big component of packaging your product.

That’s why we offer our Autopack automatic shrink bundlers with customized infeed and discharge conveyor configurations that fit your product and end of line production requirements.

Since packaging comes in all shapes and sizes, it only makes sense that your shrink bundler should have customized infeed and discharge conveyors. That’s why we don’t just sell you a machine.

Instead, we work with you to figure out the best layout for your factory space and production line. We offer single, tandem, divided lane, curved or 90-degree conveyors for infeed and discharge on all of our Autopack machines.

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Examples of our Customized Infeed and Discharge Conveyor Systems


Personal Care Conveyor Solution

The Challenge: The client had an extremely tight manufacturing space to connect their production machinery.

So, we provided an Autopack custom infeed starting at the check weigher. The infeed took the product packs through the shrink wrap bundler for packaging.

From there we engineered and supplied a custom discharge conveyor from the shrink bundler to the case packing machines. We provided this solution for two of their production lines, creating a seamless packaging system while saving them space.



Pharmaceutical Conveyor Solution

The Challenge: The client had a very demanding application that required custom infeed and discharge, as some of their product lines did not require shrink wrapping.

So, we provided them with a by-pass conveyor. This conveyor is used to move products around the shrink wrapper for times when shrink bundling of items is not desired.



Because having the right configuration of your infeed conveyor contributes to the proper placement and grouping of products to collate different pack sizes, increases product output, and saves time.

Custom discharge conveyors move and organize bundled products into different lanes for specific customer or quantity requirements.

On your production line, customized infeed and discharge conveyors can provide easier access around your shrink bundler, creating a safer work area for workers and contributing to more productivity.

So, if you’re considering a shrink wrap bundler solution for your plant, let us help you configure all the ins and outs of your packaging needs.

Holland Packaging is here today and tomorrow to keep you moving forward. GET IN TOUCH TODAY!

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