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How Automatic Shrink Wrap Bundling Can Reduce Your Packaging Costs

These days it’s not getting any cheaper to produce a product and bring it to market. In many cases, the packaging of your product can be as pricy as the product itself.

That’s why you should consider how automated shrink wrap bundling can reduce your packaging costs.

First, an automatic shrink bundler cuts down on the time and labor of manual packaging. But that's not all.

Automation means less wear and tear on your employees, so the risk of job-related injuries from repetitive wrist movement, or bending are reduced – keeping your insurance premiums down.

Automation also means streamlining packaging production, while freeing up employees to work on other high-value tasks.

Then there’s the cost of transportation. The weight of your products and how much space they will occupy on a truck is going to drive up your transport costs.

Shrinkwrap bundling provides many ways to drive those costs down.

shrink wrap bundler to save money

By allowing the wrap to conform to the exact shape of the products, packs are more compact.

Even if the shrink-wrapped items need to be packed in larger containers, shrink bundling allows you to use fewer packing materials and lighten the weight of your packed products.

Now, let’s talk about shrink wrap bundling as secondary packaging. One of the main benefits shrink wrapping provides is protection to the product.

It prevents the main product’s primary packaging from becoming dirty or damaged.

And, let’s face it. When your product is in front of customers on retail shelves, it’s most likely the damaged package that is least likely to get purchased.

So, preventing damage with shrink wrap helps you reduce the cost of unsold, damaged products.

It should also be mentioned that shrink wrap bundlers can be used in conjunction with corrugated trays or pads.

This reduces the use of full cardboard cases, which typically cost more to warehouse and ship.

It also means less cardboard to break down and recycle, which can be appealing for environmentally conscious retailers.

If you’re still not convinced you can save money with one of our automatic shrink wrap bundlers, ask us about our clients who purchased machines that paid for themselves within a year.

Also, let us tell you about financing using the Section 179 Tax Deduction and how you can benefit from 100% bonus depreciation. So, if you're thinking about making a change to automatic shrink bundling let us help.


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Using Polyethylene Film for Shrink Wrap Bundling

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