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How to Get 15 More Days of Production Per Year

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If you eliminate just 30 minutes of downtime per day, you’ll gain an incredible 15 extra days of production. That is assuming just 1 shift per day!  

There is perhaps nothing more important to a manufacturer’s bottom line than efficiency and productivity. If you sell products in retail or wholesale spaces, then you must know how vital your secondary packaging strategy is to your overall success.

You cannot achieve optimal productivity levels unless your machines are in good working condition and have at least 10% higher capacity than your maximum production output.  

How do you know if your machines are running as efficiently as possible? Here’s how to tell.

Signs That You Need New Secondary Packaging Machines

It doesn’t matter if you’re using case packers, tray packers, or shrink-wrap machines. If you can answer yes to one of the following points, then you can benefit from a new machine.

●     The machine has had to be repaired multiple times in one year. With every repair, less product gets packaged, which brings output down. Upgrading to a new machine could potentially save you 30 minutes or more of daily maintenance, which amounts to an incredible 15 extra days of production potential.

●     The machine can’t keep up with demand. If your old shrink wrap machine cannot finish wrapping as much product as it used to, then you need to consider investing in a newer, more efficient model.

Ready To Invest In Secondary Packaging Machines That Are Built For Efficiency? Holland Packaging Can Help!

Our shrink wrap machines, case packers, and tray packers are among the most dependable and highly efficient on the market. When you work with Holland Packaging, you’ll get full end-to-end service. We want you to succeed and thrive. That’s why we always help our customers choose and install the best secondary packaging system for their plants.


Holland Packaging is here today and tomorrow to keep you moving forward. GET IN TOUCH TODAY!

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