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How to Pick The Right Shrink Wrap Machine

When it comes to choosing the best shrink wrap machine for your needs, it’s important to not only look at the type of machine, but also the product that you are packaging.

Questions like: “What is the desired or required end result?” can help you to understand which machine will offer the best results.


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A standard shrink wrap machine produces a bullseye hole pattern at the ends and is great for making a tough package of multiple items. An example of this would be at your local store where packages of bottled water can easily be picked up off the shelf using the openings on the side of the packaging.

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Bullseye shrink wrapping is most often used for larger, taller, or heavier bundles as well as shelf-stocking and efficiency considerations.

L Sealers

An L-Bar sealer, on the other hand, produces a product, usually individually boxed, that is completely sealed in a thin film of plastic through which you can clearly read the product information. Most will consider fully enclosed shrink wrapping for presentation to the customer and preservation of the product.

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Both machines serve a specific purpose and have options that provide benefits in different scenarios. Though there may be exceptions in specialized conditions, the chart below may help you to choose between a bullseye or a total enclosure shrink wrap machine.

   Bullseye Shrink Wrap Full Enclosure Shrink Wrap 
 Economical Film  X  
 Tough for Shipping  X  
 Easy to Grab Handles  X  
 Bulk Packaging for Heavy Items  X  
 Taller Items  X  
 Perforation for Easy Opening  X  

Excellent Visual Clarity of Items for presentation and examination

Seals for Perishable Items    X
Tamper Protection    X


For more information, be sure to check out, "Choosing the Right Shrink Wrap Bundler for your Product".

Holland Packaging provides unique, and practical shrink bundling solutions for your packaging needs. Our 25 years of direct machine design experience mean we can quickly identify a solution for your application and make automation work for you. 


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