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Secondary Packaging Trends Worth Embracing In 2020

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Secondary packaging is a lucrative necessity for retailers, wholesalers, and CPG professionals nationwide. Not only does secondary packaging help create attractive merchandising displays, it also helps to protect primary packages as they make their way through the supply chain to the customer. 

In 2020, the secondary packaging industry is embracing eco-friendly solutions and automation. Making such strides will help streamline processes and increase output. Here’s why automation and eco-friendly solutions are so important to the future of secondary packaging.

Automation Improves Output 

Mechanical case formers, band sealers, carton machines, and shrink wrappers can all be automated effectively. As we move into the new year, contract packaging companies will adopt automated procedures in order to keep pace with the growing demand for product delivery. 

Right-Sized Packaging Supports Minimalism

As online shopping continues to grow in popularity, so too does corrugated waste. To combat the toll that this takes on the environment, E-commerce giants like Amazon have adopted a right-sized packaging mindset. To support this eco-friendly movement, secondary packaging companies will favor practicality over flash.

It is certainly important to offer a visually appealing outer layer in retail sectors; however, if the product has already been purchased online, then protection instantly becomes more essential. By embracing this reality, manufacturers and suppliers will be able to significantly lower their secondary packaging costs.

Ready to Embrace The Future of Secondary Packaging? Contact Holland Packaging 

We have fully embraced automation and minimalism. Our shrink wrap machines, case packers, and tray packers can be customized to meet your unique needs. If you want to work with a secondary packaging company that really knows how to improve output without sacrificing quality, then get in touch today!


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2020 Trends in Packaging
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