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Should you be Using Tray and Shrink Wrap Packaging?

Tray and shrink wrap packaging is the process of shrink bundling products that have been placed onto a cardboard tray. The tray typically has low sides and is secured by the Polyethylene film.

At Holland Packaging, we offer an automatic tray and shrink wrap system. But how do you decide if you should be using tray and shrink wrap packaging?

Well, there are many considerations that can help you decide if this is a good packaging option for your product.

For instance, how you are currently packaging your items and what the drawbacks are, can be a factor in your decision process.

For example, if you’re currently using only shrink wrapping, you may be looking for a more secure secondary packaging method to transport products and reduce damage.

Or, if you’re currently packaging products in full cases, and you want to reduce the cost of using full corrugated containers, tray and shrink wrapping could be the way to go.

Another benefit of tray and shrink wrap packaging is that it can reduce bulk and weight. This can translate to more storage space while maintaining stacking stability.

Another important consideration is your retail customer. The convenience of tray and shrink wrapping can make it faster to stock shelves due to the product being more visible.

Also, with less cardboard to break down and recycle, there’s less labor involved.

So, when if you’re thinking about tray and shrink wrap packaging, give us a call and ask us about the benefits this solution can provide for your products, your business, and your customers.


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