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Shrink Wrapped Beer? Yes Please!

 The beer industry has been a longstanding winner among consumer goods, providing generations with malt-based beverages they love.

According to the National Beer Wholesalers Association, the U.S. beer industry sells over $119.3 billion in beer and malt-based beverages to U.S. consumers each year. The 202.2 million barrels of beer shipped in 2018, equals over 2.8 billion cases of 24-12 ounce servings.

That’s a lot of 24 packs!

Whether your favorite brew is a traditional bottled style or a new small-batch craft – knowing that you’re drinking from a clean container for that first refreshing sip is important.

The packaging industry is always looking for ways to innovate and create better options for consumer products. Taking a new approach to this market involves the move to shrink wrap and case pack beers in a similar tray style that other beverages have been using.

The idea of shrink-wrapping beer means changing how beer has been traditionally packaged and sold so that it’s safe and so that it can offer more marketing options for wholesalers.

Here are a few other benefits of shrink-wrapping for the beer industry.

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Safety & Hygiene

Perhaps the most important reasons to use shrink wrapping for packaging beer is the ability to assure customers that the containers they’re about to crack open and put their mouth to are hygienic, appealing and safe.

When cans are placed in an open tray or a box, they have no protective barrier to keep dust and other contaminants from settling on the bottle.  Not all sediment is visible to the eye so this could put consumers at risk.

Better Packaging & Marketing

The other important point thing to consider when it comes to shrink wrapping beer trays is that there is more space for brands to place their messaging. When printed films are wrapped around the cases, there is maximized space to add logos and designs for brand awareness.

Premium brands looking to attract top dollars need this extra element if they want to woo consumers. Plus, not to mention helps to curb theft when all of the cans in the tray are sealed tight prior to purchase.

Holland Packaging offers a number of Autopack shrink wrapping machines that can be used across numerous industries to customize and keep products safe.

Want to learn more about shrink wrappers and how they can help you get your beer on to store shelves safely? We’d love to chat. 


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