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The Autopack “CMOS” Continuous Motion Overlap Seal Bundler

Speedier Packaging & High Impact Graphics

Shrinkwrapping plays an important packaging role at all types of production facilities. Creating goods that are easy to ship, handle, and maintains product hygiene are all important reasons to invest in Autopack shrink bundling systems.

Using eye-catching print film also increases sales dramatically compared to clear film packaging. These days virtually all soft drink and bottled water packaging use print film to stand out in the crowded field. Clear film packaging is no longer optional if you want to be a serious competitor. 

Benefits of Autopack’s CMOS for Packaging with Shrink Film

  • Packaging in print film increases sales big time. Consumers make snap decisions that are often based on a product’s appearance. High-resolution graphics are displayed on the product wrapper without distortion. Print film with messaging is also a highly effective form of point of sale advertising.

  • Autopack “CMOS” machines come in numerous configurations and product handling capabilities. Whether you pack cans, bottles, boxes, or whatever, Autopack probably has a machine to fit your needs.

  • Shrink bundling often eliminates the need for corrugated trays, pads, and boxes. The saving can be huge.

  • Less corrugated means less waste and that helps your customers to “Go Green!"

  • Affordability! Autopack is an exceptional value.

  • Small footprint. Use less valuable production floor space!

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