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Using Polyethylene Film for Shrink Wrap Bundling

Polyethylene is one of the most commonly used plastics around. We see it every day in household items such as juice containers, plastic food wrap, and detergent bottles.

But it’s also an ideal choice for use with automatic shrink wrap bundlers, which is why many product manufacturers and copackers prefer using Polyethylene film.

But what exactly is Polyethylene? Here’s a little chemistry lesson.

Polyethylene is mostly made up of the ethylene molecule, which is basically carbon and hydrogen atoms.

The strength of Polyethylene is attributed to the fact that its molecules are linear and packed close together.

This makes Polyethylene film is extremely durable for shrink bundling items.

For example, bottled water packs are usually packed in Polyethylene film and bundled with bullseye enclosures for easy lifting without puncturing or tearing open the pack.

Polyethylene shrink film also works well with tray and shrink-wrap systems.

For heavier canned goods, this creates the perfect packaging for both stacking and transporting, without the added weight of a corrugated carton.

Polyethylene shrink film is also known as a thermoplastic polymer, meaning that when heated, it becomes pliable, yet once cooled it becomes hardened.

This is why Polyethylene works so well with Automatic shrink wrap bundlers. It shapes and contorts perfectly around items inside of the heat tunnel, then creates a hardened, sturdy package once cooled.

Polyethylene shrink film comes in a variety of thicknesses, which is measured in mils. One mil is the equivalent to one-thousandth of an inch or .001 inch.

For secondary packaging applications, Polyethylene film is typically used anywhere from 2 mils to 6 mils thickness, depending on the product weight and size.

With over 25 years of experience, Holland Packaging, LLC provides clients with the best customized shrink wrap bundling solutions in the personal care, pharmaceutical, household, food, and beverage industries.


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