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3 Advantages Of Choosing Wraparound Cases Over RSC’s

​ When it comes to secondary packaging solutions, retailers, distributors, and consumer packaging goods manufacturers (CPGs) often wonder whether they should opt for wraparound cases over regular slotted cases (RSC).

 What Are Regular Slotted Cases (RSC)?

​ Also known as a Knock Down case, RSC's are your "typical" container: when folded, the 2 outer flaps of the box meet at the center. In a typical RSC case design, the manufacturer's flap is pre-glued. A manufactures flap or tab is an added edge to help the case partially form (RSC) or completely form (Wraparound). RSC's are most commonly used for loading products vertically. Once the products are placed inside the container, the flaps are closed and sealed either manually or automatically.

What Are Wraparound Cases?

​ Wraparound cases are essentially flat pieces of corrugated that get folded into a rectangular shape that fits the exact pack pattern of the product,. Where RSC's often get loaded from the top, wraparound cases get loaded from the side. Once the case gets fitted to the product's dimensions, both the end and manufacturer's flaps are sealed with glue.

3 Major Benefits of Wraparound Cases

​ While traditional RSC may provide a sense of familiarity to consumers, wraparound containers offer 4 amazing benefits that are just too hard to ignore.

1. Wraparound Cases Cut Traditional Sealing Costs

​ RSC's come with a "supplier fee" of sorts: the material supplier charges a fee to form and seal the manufacturer's flap. If you adopt wraparound cases instead, you no longer have to endure this charge.

2. Wraparound Cases Support Right-Sized Packaging

​ Since the corrugated is made to fit the dimensions of the product, waste is minimized. Not only is this good for any overall bottom line, it's good for the environment too.

3. More Wraparound Blanks Fit Into The Magazine Of An Automatic Case Erector

Compared to wraparound blanks, the magazines of automatic case-making systems can only hold half the amount of RSC blanks; therefore, wraparound cases can reduce the need to fill the magazine as often.

Still Not Sure What Case Packing Method Is Right For You? Call Holland Packaging

If you're in need of a secondary case packing solution, then look no further--we've got you covered. We understand that wraparound cases are not ideal for every type of product. That's why we offer solutions for both RSC and wraparound cases. If our machines are not ideal for you as-is, then don't worry--we can customize them to fit your requirements.


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