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How Strategic Secondary Packaging Can Increase Retail Sales

There is perhaps nothing more important to a retail marketing strategy than an effective display. After all, If you want your products to jump off the shelves like hotcakes, they need to be visually appealing to consumers.

Now you may be wondering:

how can I make my product stand out from the sea of competitors? By leveraging the power of Secondary Packaging.

What Exactly Is Secondary Packaging?

To understand Secondary Packaging, let’s first define Primary Packaging. Primary Packaging is packaging that comes in direct contact with the product. Soda, for example, comes in bottles and cans; the cans/bottles are the Primary Package.

When you purchase a pack of soda, it’s usually housed in cardboard so that the cans/bottles are easy to transport. The cardboard is considered Secondary Packaging. Why? Because it helps to protect the product’s primary package (the can/bottle).

Of course, cardboard is but one example of Secondary Packaging. Other common Secondary Packaging materials include crates, trays, cartons, and shrink wrapped bundles.

How To Increase Curb Appeal With Secondary Packaging

We said it before, and we’ll say it again: display is everything in the retail space. To build an appealing display, you need a strong merchandising team and an enticing package. You might be thinking:  what kinds of packages are people enticed by? Packages that are sturdy and easy to carry.

In the bottle water sector, for example, companies often group their products in multi packs (packs containing more then one product) and shrink wrap them. They are fften shrink wrapped with a Bullseye type shrink wrapping to add handles that allow for easy moving.

Water bottles with tape handle

How about energy bars? Companies are realizing that some people don’t want to purchase an entire box, so they leave an opened tray in the aisle. This allows shoppers to grab individual bars.

In bulk retail stores like Costco, BJ’s, and Sam’s Club, shrink wrap is used to create grabbable portions. This really makes it easy to add a “section” of cereal boxes to a shopping cart.

In addition, there is Secondary Packaging that the consumer never sees. How do stores stock the shelves? Where are they pulling product from? Secondary Packaging is the answer. Companies do not always need to have high graphics to supply in bulk to stores.

As you can see, Secondary Packaging strategies can directly impact both how customers perceive the quality of your products and price saving behind the scenes.


Ready To Take Your Secondary Packaging To The Next Level? We Can Help!

Holland Packaging offers industrial bullseye shrink wrapping, full enclosure shrink wrapping, tray packing, and case packing solutions for a variety of industries. Not sure what you need? No problem! Our machines can be customized to fit your unique needs.

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